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"When you think of a Wellness Coach you think of someone that will help with your eating habits and exercise, but she is so much more than that.  Amber helped me realize that wellness is about you being healthy in every part of your life.  We sat down once a week and talked and she helped me set goals to change parts of my daily routines that were not good.   Eating was a big one but my main goal was to change the negativity around me into positive.  She helped me realize that I was in control of that.  I want to thank Amber for all the advice and coaching she has done with me.  I have not only gained great mental habits but also physical.   She spreads positive butterflies where ever she goes!!"

Kim M.

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"With hesitation, I signed up for coaching but I was glad I did after seeing results in the first few weeks.  Things weren't such a challenge any more and I started seeing changes in the way I presented myself; I felt more confident, courageous and not afraid to just be me.  I am so thankful and blessed to have been a part of such an amazing program.  Thank you Amber for all of the messages, pep talks, and believing that I could make a difference in my life.  You are truly an inspiration to me and will be to others.  Remember it only takes that first step in wanting something better and all you have to do is work at it."

Sandy U.

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"Amber is amazing!  Her patience and encouragement was just what I needed to face my fear of retirement!  Taking it step-by-step to identify what is critical to being happy in this next phase of life took my fear away, well most of it!  I'm thankful for her help!"

Heidi R.